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1. What is an FFL ?

A "FFL" is a Federal Firearm License.  There are currently over 58,000 FFL holders nationwide.  FFL holders are commonly gun stores, pawn shops, and retail sporting goods stores.  However, there are also many individuals that hold a FFL.  All firearms sold to individuals online must be shipped to a local FFL holder who will then transfer the firearm (via ATF form 4473 and associated background check) to the individual. 

last updated - 02/27/2014


2. How do I arrange to have a local FFL handle my transfer ?

You can simply choose a local FFL from our list, or we can add your preferred local FFL to our list by simply having them fax us a copy of their FFL to (800) 804-5569. Please communicate with your chosen FFL prior to completing your purchase with us. You will want to ask for their approval of the transfer as well as their transfer fee.

last updated - 02/27/2014


3. What is the average FFL transfer fee ?

Although the transfer fee varies widely among the +58,000 FFL holders nationwide, the average fee tends to be around $25.  For their exact transfer fee, please contact your chosen FFL directly. 

last updated - 02/27/2014


4. Can you ship my firearm direct to me at my home or office ?

No, all firearms must be shipped to a verified FFL (Federal Firearm License) holder.  The only exceptions are some black powder firearms, and then only to approved states.    

last updated - 02/27/2014


5. How do I know if I can legally purchase a firearm?

Before you're able to take possession of your firearm from your dealer you'll be required to pass a background check. This is a fairly simple process. You'll fill out the below form and your dealer will call the information in to FBI NICS. Typically, while your dealer is on the phone he'll receive one of the following responses - approved, delayed, or denied. Please check your state and local regulations as well, several states/locals have additional requirements.

Link to ATF 4473 

last updated - 08/05/2014


6. Why does my Customer and Billing information have to match?

Due to firearm regulations the Customer name must match the Billing name, and this person must be the intended recipient of the firearm, meaning no one can pick up the firearm but you--the actual purchaser.  If this information doesn't match, your order can be delayed or canceled with fees.  Simply put, no one can order, pay for, or accept transfer of a firearm except you, the actual buyer.

If you would like to purchase a gift for someone, please purchase a gift card from our website. You will be able to access a printable copy from your Yankee Tactical account or email it directly to your intended recipient. Then, the person you are purchasing the gift card for can apply the gift card code to their account, under their name.

last updated - 03/11/2014


7. How can I earn the advertised "Cash Discount Price" ?

The advertised "cash discount price" is earned simply by paying for your order with cash, check, money order, electronic check or other secured form of check payment (some services may not as yet be available but are in process). Although we do not recommend sending cash via mail, we do have local customers who buy online and bring cash when picking up their order. Unsecure payments by mail, such as personal or company checks, will delay shipping 5 business days to allow the funds to clear our digital check processing system. Orders paid by money order, or bank check, are immediately approved and updated to "processing" for ASAP shipping.

last updated - 03/06/2019


8. I used my debit card to purchase online, why did I not get the "cash discount" ?

Most debit cards are also credit cards.  As we do not have the option to accept debit cards and associated personal PIN numbers, your debit/credit card can only be run as a credit on

Giving out your debit card personal PIN on even the most secure websites is never a good idea. 

last updated - 03/03/2014


9. Why has my credit card been charged multiple times for only one order ?

All orders paid via credit card are processed immediately by a secure third party when you hit "confirm".  Our credit card processing has the highest level of security options available.  Our third party processor checks: complete credit card number, expiration date, CVV (3 or 4 digit security code), and the registered credit card billing address.

If any of these items are incorrect, your order will not process and you will not receive an order confirmation email.   However, by attempting to enter the incorrect information multiple times, your credit card company will put a hold on those funds against your available credit limit.  If you attempt to enter the incorrect info five times, your credit card company will placed a hold for each of those attempts.  The funds are eventually released, usually within 72 hours, without incurring any fees, by your credit card company.  This is a fraud protection measure of your credit card company and has nothing to do with  We are not holding your funds and do not have the ability to release them for you.  We suggest you contact your credit card company directly to clear up these issues.     

last updated - 03/09/2016


10. I just bought a gun from you guys and now the advertised price is less than what I paid. What's up ?

Our website updates every 20 minutes, 24/7, with our current inventory and replacement cost. We do not price our guns manually based on our cost in each, rather we use a live download from manufacturers and distributors to set our price based on our current replacement cost. As our cost changes, the corresponding website price of each make/model will change up/down accordingly. Although our profit margin remains unchanged, our advertised prices will change frequently, sometimes several times per day.

last updated - 02/27/2014


11. Why is my credit card charged when I placed my order, but my order still has not been shipped ?

All orders paid via credit card are processed immediately by a secure third party when you hit "confirm". Our credit card processing has the highest level of security options available. Our third party processor checks: complete credit card number, expiration date, CVV (3 or 4 digit security code), and the registered credit card billing address.

If any of these items are incorrect, your order will not process and you will not receive an order confirmation email. We must confirm your credit card information is correct before we can proceed to process your order, which is why your card is charged when you hit "confirm"

last updated - 02/27/2014


12. Do you price match?

We do accept requests to price match.  Submit your Price Match Request via the Price Match Request button on eligible items.  If we are able to match a price, we will let you know immediately and you can proceed to checkout at that price.  If we can't match it, we will let you know what we can accept. Keep in mind, we ship firearms for FREE, so factor that into your total price when comparing our prices with other firearms retailers. Accessories shipping is also optimized when multiple accessories are purchased within the same order, and FREE on many accessory orders of $199 or more.   

Please note: This is an online option only. Phone operators are not permitted to process price match requests over the phone. Please follow the easy request steps by clicking the Request Price Match button on those qualifying items or click the below link to view our Request Price Match category containing a full list of our qualifying items.

last updated - 01/11/2016


13. I submitted my payment by ACH/E-Check and the money was taken from my account. Why hasn't my order shipped?

Payments made via ACH/E-Checks are not electronic funds transfer payments and take a full 5 business days for the funds to show available in our account. The payment will generally show as being deducted from your account within the first 24-48 hours. However, the funds are not available in our account until mid-day of the 5th full business day. At this time, your order will proceed and you should receive email confirmation through our order update process. Even when you pay with an ACH payment, your order will still process out within our advertised time frame.

last updated - 02/27/2014


14. Do you accept PayPal?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept PayPal. PayPal refuses to process payments for firearms or ammunition. Per their web site:

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

"We don’t allow PayPal members to buy or sell any kind of firearm, whether it’s in working order or not. The same goes for certain firearm parts and ammunition.

For example, using PayPal, you can’t buy or sell:

  • Any firearm, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns, whether they’re for sport and recreation, collectibles, or curio or relic firearms.
  • Firearm parts, including but not limited to receivers and frames, silencers, and kits designed to modify guns so that they fire automatically. High capacity magazines, multi-burst trigger activators, and camouflaging firearm containers are other items in this category.
  • Ammunition, including propellants like gunpowder or blank ammunition; ammunition or cartridge cases; and primers, bullets, or propellant powder designed for any firearm."

last updated - 05/12/2015


15. Why are the firearms shipped "within 3 to 7 business days" of completing my order ?

Our firearms are located throughout our warehouses by make and model.  We normally process and ship handguns more quickly than long guns due to their proximity to our shipping department and ease of handling.  We also keep all firearms with highest sales volume closest to the shipping department to expedite processing and shipping.  We commit to ship all firearms within 7 business days of completing your order.  However, our goal is always to ship ASAP.            

last updated - 02/27/2014


16. I'm a Team Buds member, why didn't my order ship the next day?

Unfortunately, not all of our items are set up for Fast Track shipping. If an item is eligible for next business day shipping it will be designated as such with a large Fast Track symbol under the 'Add To Cart' button on the item's listing. To be eligible, Fast Track orders must be placed by 12:00 PM EST, be paid with a credit card and ship to an FFL dealer we already have on file. ****Adding items which are not Fast Track to the same order may negate Fast Track shipping.****

last updated - 02/04/2015


17. Do you guys accept gun trades and/or will you buy my used gun?

No. At present we are not set up to make trades and buy guns from customers in all 50 states. Singles or multiples. It is a service we are looking in to.

last updated - 02/27/2014


18. I just received my new gun. It looks used, as if it's been fired, what's up ?

Many new firearms are test fired at the factory. You may notice residual powder, rotation marks on revolver cylinders, residual cosmoline which sometimes appears to look like rust, etc. All firearms sold as "new" are in fact new in box as received from the manufacturer or distributor and include new manufacturers exceptions.

Any used, factory recertified, certified pre-owned, show guns, or guns in any other condition than new in box will be clearly marked as such on the website.

last updated - 03/09/2016


19. How can I view and edit my "Wish List" items ??

We have made this option available to you when viewing your account Order Status page.  Please log into your account and scroll to the bottom of the page to see this option.

last updated - 03/09/2016


20. My Password is not Working. How Do I Reset It?

Click HERE and fill out the form to have a new password sent to the email address you used to setup your account.

last updated - 03/09/2016


21. How do I set the password to one I can remember?

If you have reset your password, the one emailed to you is probably difficult to remember.  Follow these instructions to get to the page to change your password (or just click here): 

First, click on "ORDER STATUS / Account":

Then sign in.

Then look for "Change my account password":

Then complete the form, and your new password is set. 

last updated - 03/09/2016


22. I Completed the Password Reset Form and I am not Getting an Email. What Should I Do?

This is normally due to your email provider not allowing emails from us to reach your inbox.  We recommend adding to your address book.  Then resetting your password again.  Also, please verify that you are checking the email account that you used to sign up for your account with us.

last updated - 02/27/2014


23. How do I change the email address for my account?

Log in to your account as you normally would, and click ORDER STATUS / Account.

Then, look under the box labeled, My Account, and click the link, View or change my account information. Change the email address in the form, and click "Continue."

Remember that when you login from now on, you must use that new email address, not your old one. (The password does not change.)

last updated - 03/09/2016


24. Do you offer discounts to Military and Law Enforcement Officers?

Yes! We do offer Military, Law Enforcement and other Qualified Professional discounts. Available "QP" products are listed in the Store Directory on the left hand side of the web site. Please refer to our Customer Help section at the top of the web site to view a complete list of those who qualify.

last updated - 09/09/2014


25. Can I purchase Yankee Tactical Supplemental Limited Lifetime Warranty for new and used guns?

You sure can! The full details of this warranty are located under the warranty heading in our information box on the bottom left-hand side of our web page.

last updated - 03/05/2019


26. There is a problem with one of my items, what is your return policy ?

Our return policy allows for item(s) return and your choice of a full refund or replacement item(s).  However, we do have a couple simple requirements for processing a return.

1.  Firearms - It is solely the customers responsibility to thoroughly inspect the firearm(s) at the FFL prior to accepting the transfer.  If there is a noticeable defect of any kind to the firearm, or associated case/contents, please simply refuse the transfer and we will arrange to have the firearm returned to us, at our expense, and issue the customer a full refund or replacement firearm if available.  If the customer accepts the transfer from the FFL, we can then only refer the customer to the manufacturer for warranty consideration.

2.  Accessories - ALL accessories found to be defective immediately upon receipt, must be returned to in KY for refund or replacement.  Please contact us and we will immediately arrange for a prepaid UPS label to be emailed to you for the return of the defective item at our expense.  Some accessories are shipped factory direct. Unwanted or correctly shipped items may receive a 20% to 50% Restocking Fee dependent on condition returned.  

If you take it upon yourself to return items to the factory, it is very possible that we will not receive credit for those items and therefore will not be able to issue you credit/replacement.    

last updated - 02/27/2014


27. I'm interested in working at Yankee Tactical. How do I apply?

We appreciate your interest in joining the Yankee Tactical team. If there's an opening, positions are posted on Zip Recruiter and Indeed. We are looking for qualified staff and any firearms knowledge/experience is a plus, but not required. Please apply to the appropriate position that you're interested in via it's respective ad. As well, we do not accept unsolicited phone calls about the application process.

last updated - 09/19/2016

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